Jennifer Peña - Dulzura


Lista de Canciones
1.  Ven A Mi
Autor: José Edgardo Cuesta
2. Me Piden
Autor: Gregorio Cortez
3. No Me Hablen De Él
Autor: Margarita Rodríguez
4. Vete Con Ella
Autor: Marco Antonio Solís
5. Tonto
Autor: Ismael Armenta
6. Pura Dulzura
Autor: Roberto Garza
7. Quisiera Verte Otra Vez
Autor: Joe Ojeda / Brian Moore
8. Siempre Tú
Autor: Gerardo Valenzuela
9. Un Amor Así
Autor: Gerardo Valenzuela
10. Hoy Me Siento Feliz
Autor: Jorge Luis Borrego

y © 1996 Q Productions
Manufactured bye EMI LATIN under exclusive license.
1750 North Vine Street, Hollywood, California
All rights reserved, unauthorized duplication
is a violation of applicable laws. Printed in U.S.A.

Jennifer y los Jetz
Jennifer Peña - Lead vocals
Ray Paz - Keyboards and vocals
Aaron Vázquez - Bass
Nick Banda - Keywords
Carlos Banda Jr. - Guitar
Papo Banda - Drums, Accordion

Special Guests:
Vicente Barrera - Drums
Ricky Vela - Keyboards & Arrangement (Me Piden)
Joe Ojeda - Keyboards
Jesse García - Background Vocal
Roger Vera - Trumpet
Roland Hernández - Guitar
Rafael Chávez - Vihuela

Produced by Abraham Quintanilla Jr. and Brian "Red" Moore

Recorded by: Brian "Red" Moore
Assistant Engineer: Jow Ojeda
Recorded At: Q-Zone Studios
Corpus Christi, Texas
Photography: Mark Guerra
Make-up and Hairstyling by Selena ETC.

I dedicate my first album to the woman who inspired me to sing tejano music, Selena Quintanilla Pérez, who will remain in my heart forever.I would like to thank my parents, Jaime and Mary Lee Peña and my sisters, Janet and Jackie for always supporting me and me believin in me.To Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Quintanilla Jr.: Thank you for sharing your memories of Selena with me and having the courage to be strong. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart.
To Red Moore and Joe Ojeda: Thanks for all you have done for me. It was great working with you. Also, to my band, "Los Jetz", my sound engineer, and my road crew, my brothers. I Love you all! Thanks for making this so much fun!
I would also like to thank my friends and relatives.
Principalmente, para toda la gente que me ha recibido con brazos abiertos. Sin su apoyo esta grabación no hubiera sido posible. Gracias y amor para todos ustedes. Hope you enjoy my first C.D.
Above all, I would like to thank our heavenly father for his continuous blessings.
Con Mucho Cariño,

Año de Lanzamiento: 1996
Compañía: EMI Latin

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