Elsa García - Mi Primera Vez



Lista de Canciones
1. Yo Nunca Pensé
Autor: Linda Gutiérrez 4:00
2. Just You And I
Autor: Lionel Richie 3:41
3. Tengo Un Amorcito
D.A.R. 2:24
4. Tú Dices
Autor: David Martínez 3:04
5. Agonía
Autor: Linda Gutiérrez
6. No Volveré
D.A.R. 3:22
7. Ni En Defensa Propia
D.A.R. 3:02
8. Media Naranja
9. I Needed You
Autor: Anne Murray 3:52
10. Aventura De La Vida
It all started in a old garage in the 5th ward in Houston i was most impressed when i found the Hub Caps. of my pinto after we left the jam session.
It was an invitation from a friend, of ours Mr. Martin Aguirre, who had played with the likes of a Augustine Ramirez, and at the moment was doing a sting with Rey Romero and the proud breed he had mention a young girl that could sing like Laura Canales. So with that kin of reference, my partner in crime and other dirt deals "Mr. R. C. Monty Montemayor" headed for Denver Harbor.
Upon arraiving, we run across a guy thet stands about 5'33" and thets with plataforms.

I had just met one of Tejanos music Top drummers Mr. David Martinez. He was the one deadin the program with his group ash wednesday. Elsa Garcia as doing the vocal chores for the band. Victor, Elsa's husband was playing saxofon for the ensamble the infamous "uña" on bass wich for the life of me can't remember his name. But a damed good "musico" one of Little Joe's Trooper's "Mr. Chiefy Duran" on keyboards now this made for a good line up for tonight.
The audition was impressive and an arregement for this recording was made, weel, you know how the story goes. Elsa goes to bigger and better things and has grown bigger than life. But this recording have become a very dear part of my life, and thankfull to the Lor for giving me the oportunity of working with such talent. A memorable experience for me as well a fundamental chapter in her career. That's why I named it "Mi Primera Vez".
I would like to thank alla the musicians, producers, and every one, involved in bringing these pieces of history together for the enjoyment of music.
Thank you for your attention in this little "tib-bits" and may we hear from you soon.
Su Amigo de musica "El Pocho loco"
Jesse Alvarado
Un agradecimiento Especial a Rey Romero por su participación como músico y vocalista en el dueto con Elsa García.
Produced by: Monty Montemayor
Recorded: Papion Sound - Houston Tx.
Engineer: Lewis Manila (Italian Stalion)
Remastered: Many "El Greñas" Zamarripa
Remastered: Edited At Sound Master Of Mc Allen
Petro City U.S.A. 
Distributed By:
AC Marketing
P.O. Box 6857 Mc Allen TX. 78502-6857

Compañía: Petro City U.S.A.
Año de Lanzamiento: 1997

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