Shelly Lares - Tres Veces



Lista de Canciones
1 . Te Buscaré 2:39
Autor: Hector Escamilla (Sabio Music Publishing)
2.  Yo Quiero Bailar 2:55
Autor: Ruben Rodríguez, Irene Lares (It's Me Publishing / Glass Box Music) BMI
3. Cosas Del Corazón 3:40
Autor: Richard Allen  (It's Me Publishing / Glass Box Music) BMI
4. Cuando Tú Llegaste A Mí 3:02
Autor: Robert Rodríguez (It's Me Publishing / Glass Box Music) BMI
5. Aprovéchate De Mí 4:34
Autor: Richard Allen  (It's Me Publishing / Glass Box Music) BMI
6. Amiga (Feat. Elida Reyna) 3:53
Autor: Eric De La Garza (Loredy Publishing)
7. Dos Arbolitos 3:10
Autor: Ruben Rodríguez  (It's Me Publishing / Glass Box Music) BMI
8. Mal Hombre 4:46
Autor: Lydia Mendoza
9. No Hay Otro Igual 3:12
Autor: Robert Rodríguez, Irene Lares  (It's Me Publishing / Glass Box Music) BMI
10. Prieto, Chaparro Y Feo 2:42
Shelly wishes to thank:
I would like to thank everyone involver in tis recording: Tejas Records for giving me a new perspective on life, which is my music, especially Chris "who me?" Lieck and John Whipple, to my band for all your hard work and dedication. You guys never cease to amaze me everytime we hit the stage. Ifeel blessed to have guys who still have a passion for music. I love "ya'll schmucks". My friend and engineer, BRad Green, for always making us sound good, and for being known to have made a few "miracles" happen. "Nanitz", thank you. To my fans who continue to support me. You're the reason i love what i do. My co-producers, J.J. and Brad, you guys ares the heart of my music and i'm greatfull. I have ya'll to lean on. "My Amiga" El, i'ver always been a fan of your music and i want to say i am honored to have you on this CD. To my good friend Jack Saenz for eating all my pizza and making me look beautiful (I need all the help i can get)! Hernses & Hinses, I love you!
I would like to dedicate this to Matthew, Sofie & Alex Lares (It's your turn), I love you!!
Produced by: J.J. Reyes, Brad Green & Shelly Lares
Musical Arrangements: J.J. Reyes
Engineered & Mixed by: Brad Green
Recorded At: Melody Ranch Studios, (210) 656-8400
Mastered by: Billy Stull at Masterpiece Mastering
Design Concept by: Chris Liec & Shelly Lares
Digital Graphics by: Jack Saenz
Photos by: Martin Lawrence At Raven Photography
Make up by: Jacenda
Live Photos by: Al Zavala
Studios Musicians:
J.J. Reyes - keyboards / sequencing
Rudy Perez - Bass
Adam "Atom" Arevalos / Drums
Cris Hernandez / Guitars
Baby Huey / Percussion
Dee - Trombone
Al Gomez - Trumpet
Rebecca Valadez - Backup vocals on "Te Buscaré"
Tony Lares - Guitar on "e Buscaré"
Elida Reyna - Vocals on "Amiga"
Shelly's Band:
J.J. Reyes - keyboards
Rudy Perez - Bass, Back up Vocals
Julian Rodriguez - Accordion
Julio "ol Julio" Sanchez - Drums
Cris Hernandez - Guitar
2002 Tejas Records. All right reserved
Unauthorized duplication prohibited by law.
Manufactured in the USA by Tejas Records, inc.

Compañía: Tejas Records
Año de Lanzamiento: 2002

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